Factory Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Sports Competitions and Gala Dinner

2024-03-07 11:16

Bofuneng Factory Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Sports Competitions and Gala Dinner

In 2024.02.03 ,As the clock struck the 20th anniversary of our factory's glory, the facility marked the milestone with a series of employee sports competitions and a gala Dinner to express gratitude and appreciation to its hardworking staff.

The diverse range of competitions, including tug-of-war, table tennis, and badminton, aimed to foster teamwork and sportsmanship among employees. With enthusiasm and determination, staff members actively formed teams and participated in the events, showcasing their talents and strength.

In the tug-of-war, teams worked together, striving for a common goal. The table tennis and badminton courts were filled with matches, as players showed their skilled abilities, receiving applause and cheers from the spectators.

In the evening, the company hosted a magnificent Gala Dinner and lottery event to recognize the tireless efforts of every employee. During the dinner, leadership delivered heartfelt speeches, reflecting on the factory's two-decade journey and envisioning a bright future. Additionally, all employees were presented with awards, acknowledging their dedication and outstanding contributions.

On this festive occasion, the entire workforce gathered to celebrate the factory's 20th anniversary. They expressed their commitment to continue working hard, contributing to the factory's growth, and embracing the new year with renewed energy and optimism, aiming to create an even more glorious tomorrow!


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