Xiong Fengsong, the head of Dapu County, visited Meizhou Bofuneng Technology Co., Ltd. for investigation

2018-09-20 11:40

On September 1, 2017, Xiong Fengsong, the county magistrate, led a team to Meizhou Bofuneng Technology Co., Ltd. located in Sanhe Town Industrial Park, and asked that enterprises should pay attention to battery quality, stabilize product sales, conduct in-depth research and exploration, achieve the goal of making enterprises bigger, stronger and better, and promote the economic and social development of our county.

During the investigation, Xiong Fengsong, the county mayor, and his party walked into the production workshop of the enterprise, carefully inspected the production of products, inquired about product performance, production technology and development prospects in detail, and held discussions with the person in charge of the enterprise to understand the current development situation and difficulties encountered in the development process of the enterprise, and solve problems one by one in the field office to help the enterprise solve development problems.

Xiong Fengsong requested: Meizhou Bofuneng Technology Co., Ltd. should give full play to its industrial advantages, increase scientific and technological innovation, strive to promote the development and use of clean energy, do a good job and strengthen the new energy undertaking, and drive the economic and social development of Taipu.

Xiong Fengsong stressed that all relevant functional departments should strengthen service awareness, strengthen coordination and cooperation, take the initiative to provide door-to-door service, solve problems for enterprises, create a good environment for enterprise development, and promote the healthy and rapid development of enterprises with high-quality services.

Deputy County Governor Liu Caifeng, the main responsible persons of the County Government Office, the County Housing and Construction Bureau, the Park Office and other relevant units participated in the survey.


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